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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why People Give Up

I have posted this image in a previous post but, I've got some quotes by a couple of famous people that are a perfect fit for the diagram. 

Believe in yourself! Work hard, never give up & anything's possible. OR: Kick back, relax & aim low-you'll never be disappointed.
                     ~Mark Hamill

"Continuous effort--not strength or intelligence--is the key to unlocking our potential." 
~Winston Churchill

People give up for various reasons. I too was about to give up but, I've decided to stick in there to continue the fight against boredom, slothfulness and, mediocrity. Last night, I found Jessica Abel's website. It's a treasure trove of teaching and advice on the subject of being a self sufficient creative person. I know it's gonna take constant effort and a lot of work but, I need to see my dreams come to pass.

Today, I'm going to an orientation for another non creative job that will pay the rent and bills but, it will not satisfy me creatively. However, it will give me the money I need to do some things I'd like to do this summer. I've made plans to meet a film director and attend an anime convention. In September, I would like to go to Industry Giants to network with other attendees and pros alike. Also, this November I would like to attend CTNx to show my visual development portfolio to industry professionals in the hopes of obtaining employment in an animation studio located in California.