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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Youssef Drawing Syllabus - Movement & Form by Samantha Youssef

About Samantha Youssef 


Samantha is the founder of Studio Technique, an artistic training studio specialized in the training and development of industry artists.  She is the creator of the Youssef Drawing Syllabus, a unique drawing program based on various schools of academic draughstmanship, her experience as a feature animator for Walt Disney, and her background in classical ballet where she draws upon principles of movement and posing to design a progressive and successful drawing program.

All images copyright Studio Technique Artistic Training inc. All rights reserved. 

Samantha Youssef is a feature film character animator and visual developement artist.  She is a former animator for Walt Disney Animation, and has animated and directed for Ubisoft cinematics. She is an award winner at the Toronto Film Festival for her animated short film La Fuga Grande.
Film and gaming animation studios employ her to train their artists, and she has done masterclasses for animation studios, colleges, events and conferences around the world.  Samantha has been featured in the media, including Chatelaine Magazine, Musique Plus, and Wired Magazine.
As founder of Studio Technique, Samantha offers a rich and extensive background in the arts. Her classical art background, along with her experience in feature film animation and the video game industry, has allowed her to create a unique program that offers specialized training to all varieties of artists.  She graduated from Sheridan College's world-renowned animation program, completed the Gobelins intensive program in Paris, and has studied at prestigious art academies around the world.  She is a former ballet dancer, and brings her understanding of dance, movement and physicality to her uniquely designed program of drawing and animation.
Read more at Studio Technique


Live Q&A, Demo and Critique session to celebrate the launch of the book Movement & Form, the Youssef Drawing Syllabus.

She's a classically trained animator. And, I've decided to buy this amazing book by Samantha Youssef. : )

Friday, March 13, 2015

More Storyboards

 Unintentionally, I found a Chinese movie online starring Bingbing Fan entitled Double Exposure. She also starred in the recent X-Men: Days of Future Past as 'Blink.' She's a producer, singer and a phenomenal actress. I really am impressed by the lighting and cinematography in this film. That's why I've decided to reverse engineer the shots in this movie to understand how they were put together. Yes, these are very rough. Since this is not a movie blog and I'm not posting the link to the movie. The following is a very brief synopsis of this movie.

"When Song Qi stumbles upon her boyfriend's affair with her best friend, her life quickly starts falling apart and she is subsequently drawn into a quicksand of revenge and murder. Though all is not as it seems and Song Qi will have to embark on a twisted journey into her past and the very depths of her own mind...  " - Written by Anonymous

Monday, March 9, 2015

33 Things I Need To Start Doing

These are 33 Things I need to start doing now. I need to spend less time surfing the web and more time navigating the real world. I'm here to tell ya, looking at other artist's work is a serious time drain. For the next week or so, I plan to start drawing more in my sketchbook, continue the two hundred Colors DS paintings I promised a close friend of mine. And, actually begin the paintings I promised to paint for her, and write and draw my very first 16 page comic book. Also, I plan to work on the storyboards I posted in the previous post. There's a whole list of things I've got in the works. Most of them will be evident soon and I'll keep you posted as to what those things are.

On a similar note, I've been thinking about buying a few of these sketchbooks to take with me when I go out to sketch on location. A few months ago, I viewed  'Victoria's Cal Arts Sketchbook' video. http://youtu.be/T1qtLUTxshc And, as I'm on the look out for really nice small sketchbooks I've decided to buy three of these to use with my cool brush pens. And, I've got some really nice writing pens that are great for archival purposes. I'll have to add on to this post or start another post entirely to tell you about them.

I would like to buy the 8"x6" inch version.