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Saturday, December 13, 2008

This Is The Drawing I Sketched The on the Plane A Couple Weeks Ago

I finally got my scanner to working again. So, here's the sketch I was working on during my flight two weeks ago. I just got it working last night so, I don't have the painting ready. I'll upload it as soon as it gets done. In the meantime, please enjoy this sketch.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finally... A New Post - Kinda.

The drawing I drew on the plane back from my Thanksgiving vacation will be posted tomorrow with the original sketch and the finished painting. At the moment, I'm working on a painting I started on Wednesday night. Actually, it's a sketch. As time permits it'll get done. It looks to be my best yet with no photo-reference. Although, I was looking at the Victoria's Secret fashion show that night as I was drawing it. If you scroll down to a previous post about my digital painting of Monica Bellucci you'll see that I draw and paint digitally using Adobe Photoshop. Ciao.

A tiny amendment to this post...

Due to my scanner going on the fritz. I couldn't scan the image I was gonna speed paint today. So, I'll redraw it digitally, paint it and post it asap. Tomorrow will be filled with errands and things so I may not get back to posting anything until the Thursday or next weekend. Stay tuned because you'll like what you'll see.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Preparations have commenced. I have some new pics for your viewing pleasure. Actually, it's the full image of the earlier post still unfinished and some other images as well.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Painting I'm Working On

There's a painting I'm working now that's been giving me some problems as far as how to exactly place the lights & shadows. Yeah, I know I mentioned not posting anymore unfinished art on this blog but, this way it helps me to actually finish it. Here's a screen cap of my painting mostly done without reference. This is actually pretty good since I haven't picked up a pencil or paint-brush to do some real serious art in a long time since recently. I'm using Adobe Photoshop 7 and a custom brush sampled from the texture of a picture I found online. There's some structural & lighting tweaking I must do to this in order to get it just right. Btw, this is 1280x1024 @ 72 dpi.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Purpose For This Blog Has Changed

Originally, I wanted to use this blog as a place to post finished as well as some unfinished artwork. Now, I've changed my mind. I will post finished art and WIPs (works in progress) here. Also, I may post some tutorials from time to time. The content of this blog is a representation of my skills as an artist/animator and a forum to share my thoughts with the world about things I find interesting. So, if you're interested I'll post a my opinions of two movies that premiered in theaters this year in a later post.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Studio 4°C: Global Astroliner & Kung Fu Love

Global Astroliner is about a futuristic policeman whose been assigned to go to earth which is now a prison planet filled with waring gangs. His orders are to find a girl named Lala who is a super pop idol. In reality, she is an artificial life form whose purpose is to keep stability in a chaotic world. During the briefing this lawman is told he's got to go down to earth to retrieve her. This is where the story begins. In my opinion, the graphical style of the characters are reminiscent of Jaime Hewlett's Tank Girl comics, and his more recent work on Gorillaz. The look of the layout and design is much like JGR - Jet Grind Radio and, JSRF - Jet Set Radio Future. (Side note: I'd really like to get the artbooks to both previously mentioned video games.) This anime is well worth finding. Unfortunetely, I didn't see it on the Studio 4°C website. If you'd like find out what they're up to here's the link to their site. http://www.studio4c.co.jp/english/ Studio 4°C was one of the Japanese studios responsible for animating the ANIMATRIX for the Wachowski Bros. I'm not sure which Japanese animation studio did the segment with the exploding ambassador robot but, at the time of animating that particular sequence on the very day that particular studio was animating that scene. There was talk of not having keeping it in the finished film but, the Wachowski Bros. said to keep it in there. I'm glad they did. I like action movies and action comics but, to see violence up close and personal is a much different story. No amount of movie violence can prepare anyone for the real thing.


Kung Fu Love is about a girl named Hanako Kichijoji who for a reason not mentioned in this video she is hated the entire world except for her boyfriend who agrees to alope with her. This is another film I would like buy sometime soon as the graphics and action are top notch. The singer singing the song in this video is from the pop group SPEED. I think it's Hiroko Shimabukuro. Hiro for short. My avatar is a picture of her. Anyway, there's not too much in the way of story that was shown to tell you about. You either like wacky storylines that eventually get to a more serious point or not. (Not wacky like Trigun.) Just give it a try you may like it.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Finally Updated "The Look" of My Blog.

I hope you like the new look. In case your wondering no, the color combination is not being used in anticipation of Halloween. This is how my blog will continue to look from here on out. If any of you are interested in checking out Colors! DS and you own or have access to a Nintendo DS Lite here's the updated info on it. The following link will redirect you to the new site. http://colors.brombra.net/moved.php Recently, the creators of Colors DS! have changed servers and their web address changed as a result. Here's the new address for those of you who don't want to wait for the new site to load. http://colors.collectingsmiles.com/ Also, if you own or have access to an iPhone or an iPod Touch you'll like reading about Colors DS! for these Apple products. Just go to the App Store on iTunes to purchase and download. Enjoy.

The green in this post is yellower than the green in past posts. I'll try to find a way to change the previous posts font color to be more consistent with the font color of this post.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yet Another Unfinished Piece...

This is the most I've posted in a single month so far. I'm uploading an unfinished piece entitled 'Asian Girl Portrait: Digital Watercolor.' Seeing as how I'll soon make a living from my artwork I really do need to start finishing things up. Anyhoo, this art will probably stay unfinished because I was only trying out some new watercolor brushes I created from an online tutorial. Asian Girl Portrait: Digital Watercolor was painted about a year or two ago using Adobe Photoshop 7 and a Wacom tablet. If you're interested and would like to read about how to do some cool art like this as well open the following link.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Few Sketches I've Been Working On

These are just a few sketches I've been working on. Some are more recent than others.
This painting is an interpretation of an image I found online. I might upload that image in a later post to show the differences of this image and the original. My intention is not to violate the copyright holder's ownership rights but, to compare my reinterpretation to the original picture in an artistic way.
I painted this as a result of wanting to attend the San Diego Comic Con but, didn't. It's my vision of a cool cosplayer who's been cosplaying for a long time. This is something I fully intend to participate in at an anime or comic book convention someday soon.
Just a sketch.
An image I found online.

This one is another painting of the Disgea character from a previous post.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I've Not Posted In A While...I'll Post Art Soon

Sorry for not posting in July and August. As the title suggests I'll have something for my adoring fans soon. I've been busy surfing the world wide web for little tidbits and what-nots. Anyhoo, there will be more Colors! DS paintings and some cool analog art done totally low tech with a pencil and paper. And, I've recently downloaded some very interesting information from a couple of websites that I'll talk about in an upcoming post later this month. Who knew that you could learn how to compose your images online? (It's actually a hint to myself so I'll remember to write about the right things.)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cute Disgea Charater Painted on DS Lite Using Colors! DS.

I painted this image last Friday after seeing it in a Playstation Portable magazine. I didn't know you could use it as phone as well as a video player. Maybe, I'll post something about that later. I guess I may create something in Photoshop and showcase my real talents. I don't know. I might upload some life drawings. If you'd like to find out more about Disgea feel free to research it. There's another painting of this same character I'm working on and I'll upload it after I finish it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

There Are a Couple of Projects I'm Working On

Currently, I'm working on a website in Macromedia Flash 8 Pro and a portfolio to place on it. For the past few days I've been sketching on my Nintendo DS Lite. I'll post images and videos later. Recently, I started working on a new painting of the pop star Pink. I'll post that maybe next week. Hope you like it. Also, I'll post some actual pencil and paper art sometime. Since, I use a WACOM tablet I don't draw on paper often. Instead, I draw directly in Photoshop and Flash.

Here's a painting I'm working on using the Nintendo DS Lite. This is the second stage of my painting. Let me know what you think.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Digital Painting Done on the Nintendo DS

The original .avi file was a little over a gigabyte at 30 fps. Anyway here's three of my paintings. I'll upload more later. To anyone interested in transferring your .drw files to .mov you may need to buy a Quicktime Pro. The applet exports the .drw file as a .avi file which can get very large very quickly. You may want to import the .avi file then export as an image sequence. After that is done go to the folder you saved the images in and click on the first image in the sequence to bring all the images into Quicktime. Make sure you save as 20fps. The file will be much less than an .avi file. Of course, I'm paraphrasing but you get the idea.


A Pretty Girl (Gray)

A Pretty Girl

I also painted the gray one using Colors! DS. How this brown-ish gray color happened I don't know. It occurred while I was creating the Quicktime file.
If you're interested in using Colors! DS for the Nintendo DS Lite here are the links to learn more.

The Main Page:

Feedback is appreciated here:

Techinical discussion found here:

FAQ can be found here:

And, visit the Colors! gallery here:

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Very Strange Toy To Give a Child

During my travels on the world wide web I've come across a very strange set of plush toys on the Gizimodo.com website. They're cute and cuddly and if you didn't know English you'd buy this adorable set of toys. Designer Emma Megitt is responsible for their creation. When I first saw the images of them I thought, "Wow, these are so cute." Then I read the title. Ewww!!! Somebody actually designed and marketed this set of plush toys. And, as the article states, these toys have completely sold out in the original market of Sweden. I gotta give props where props are due. Emma Meggitt has come up with a very, very memorable plush toy line. I'm not sure if it will catch on here the US though. LOL. If it does I may buy them as a gag gift for someone special. Hahaha!!! :D

The image and information are from the following site. And, all rights reserved by the respective copyright and trademark holders. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/gadgets/may-be-best-to-keep

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Colors DS Digital Painting App for Nintendo DS Lite

In my last post I presented you with a digital painting program called Colors DS. I've had about two months of fun with this little program and here's a painting I've done with it. For some reason the .png and .drw files didn't upload. I'll repost them. Unfortunately, the .drw file will not post. Instead, I'll save it as an .avi file and post it here later. I finally uploaded the .png file and here it is.