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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Comics Coming Soon...

Soon, I will post some screen grabs of my work flow with Manga Studio EX 4 which I received as a Christmas present from a relative. Yes, true believers. I will start posting several web comics next year. This is a much needed software to speed up production of my graphic stories. Previously, I would have used Flash to ink my comic art but, now Manga Studio EX 4 will be my app of choice to bring to graphical life my imaginings of comic proportions. EXCELSIOR! (Any Stan "The Man" Lee fans oughta know what I'm talkin' 'bout.)

Where or when I'll post these comics I'm not sure. Unfortunately, most of them are only in idea form and not fully fleshed out. Although, there is a comic I'd like to work on sooner than most of the others but, I haven't nailed down a style for the characters or the full story. One thing is for certain, I don't want to use an "anime" or, "manga" style of cartooning for it. Rather, I'd like to give it a nineties indie film aesthetic with some cool cinematography. I plan on this being a multi volume story that takes place during the span of several years in the lives of the main characters. If you know me you'd know that I'm mostly a sci-fi freak who's into anime, bande designee, and manga. (I asked my best friend to buy Scott Pilgrim the first volume for me as a Christmas present. I read the first chapter of it online and it seems pretty good so, I'm looking forward to reading it. On another note, I still haven't read 'Koko Be Good' by Jen Wang nor, 'Bone' by Jeff Smith. "If you don't know what bande disignee is... oh well.") You konw I will still use Flash to create some illos of somethings like photo-realistic images and some inked art to paint within Photoshop 7. Also, there's a blog with print ready color pallets you can use within Flash. In addition to this functionality, there's also a NTSC safe version as well. I'll post the links later. I'll check for a PAL version for those of you who may need it.
Until later, ciao. :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Colossal: An Art and Design Blog

My sister just turned me onto a new design blog which she found a link to on Adobe.com's website. I've only seen the first page and it's absolutely stunning. Check it out for yourself. Here's the link. http://www.thisiscolossal.com/ The post that instantly caught eye is about Mattias Adolfsson. http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2011/12/inside-the-sketchbooks-of-mattias-adolfsson/ If I'm not mistaken he worked as a concept artist on an unproduced version of Superman that never made it theaters. I'll have to check on that and get back with you on it in a new post or an edit of this one.

To any of my DA friends who've followed the white rabbit and have seen how far the rabbit whole goes then you've now come to this destination and soon you will experience some pretty cool graphics from your's truly. :) Those of you I owe artwork should have it shortly after I finish it. For now, I'll get back to one of my favorite past-times, surfing the web.

Happy Holidays. :D

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Preparations for Inking in Flash MX

This is something I've learned a short while ago and would like to share with anyone who reads this blog. If you've been following my work here you already know I use Flash MX & Flash 8 Pro to ink my art. What you didn't know are my Flash settings for creating the comic book pages I use. Here they are for both versions of this software.

Go to File > Export Image. Name the image file with whatever your desired naming convention is. For example, "whatever_Name.png." After pressing Enter the Export Png dialogue box opens and gives you several options. (It is important to save your digital inks as .png files. The choice will become very clear once you take the inked lines into Adobe Photoshop. There's no white background. It's just black lines or whatever color you've inked your art with. That's the reason for the 24 bit alpha channel.)

Width: 3300, Height: 5100 pixels Resolution: 300 dpi (Do NOT Match Screen!)
Include: Full Document Size Colors: 24 Bit with Alpha Channel
Filter: None Interlaced:Unchecked Smooth: Checked
Dither Solid Colors:

Lastly, Save as a Template.
Name ----- Comicbook Page 300 dpi
Category--- COMICS
Discription-- 3300 x 5100 pix, PRINT READY Rez

Unfortunately, Flash will not save a file at 600 dpi. I've tried. And, Flash 8 Pro can not save a 3300 x 5100 pixels at 300 dpi file. Therefore you have to use a work around. And, here it is:

In Flash 8 Pro you will need to create a file with the following dimensions.

Width: 2643 Height: 4080 This approximates the ratio of an 11x17 in. comic book page.
Resolution: 300 dpi (Do NOT Match Screen!)
Include: Full Document Size Quality: 100
Options: Progressive Display > Unchecked

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Perils in Nude Modeling is a GREAT Short Film

If you're a visual artist and haven't seen "Perils in Nude Modeling" go watch it now. Even if you're a storyboard artist, cinematographer or, film art director this movie is for you. Each scene cuts on action. The lighting is moody. Yeah, I'm geeking out. I don't care. :) This is one of my favorite short films. This is right up there with Bladerunner. It's that good. To view the film check out this link: http://vimeo.com/7032260 And, IndiPix Films has an exclusive interview with Scott Rice, the writer and director of "Perils in Nude Modeling. You can listen to him talk shop and read more about him at the following link. http://www.indiepixfilms.com/promo/interview/scottrice.html

Perils in Nude Modeling from Scott Rice on Vimeo.