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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Art Books & Art Instruction

 The following links are what I've gleaned from the internet over the years of searching websites and blogs to find art instruction to supplement my meager art training. If you want more then you'll need to surf on your own. Everything you need to get started is here at your fingertips to learn what you need to know. All of this stuff is free except for the Online Art Academy videos. So, have a look and see what you'd like to learn. It is totally up to you whether or not you'll use these resources. "I can only show you the door but, you must walk through it." ~Morpheus to Neo from the MATRIX.

I met Alberto Ruiz about six years ago at the San Diego Comic Con in '06. He has a blog called The Process Junkie. And, on Thurs., Sept., 27, 2007 he posted some links to really cool art books that I have since downloaded. Also, I 'm a big fan of his art.

Check out the list at the following address:

I don't remember how I found out about Toronto based artist Bobby Chiu but, I'm glad to have found his work and more importantly his Youtube Channel. He gives back to the artist community by helping other artists get their feet in the door. He's very inspirational.

Here's his link.

Then there's the artist at idrawgilrls.com who's art is phenominal.

Check out his Youtube Channel and website.

A UK based magazine which specializes in Sci-Fi and Fantasy art instruction geared to people who use digital media. The Youtube page has hours of video tutorials.


I met someone a few months ago who told me about a designer named Feng Zhu. His work is exquisite. He doesn't refer to himself as an artist but, designer. He explains the difference in one of his videos. Check out his Youtube Channel and you'll see for yourself how great his work is and why he regards himself as a designer and not an artist.

Follow this link:

CG WORKSHOPS is another Youtube channel that needs to be in this list of links. My main man Ronnie Del Carmen was interviewed about how he storyboards cartoons for television and theatrical animated movies.

(I can't find the link to this one so, I'll update this later.)

Mathw teaches  at SVA. The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York. His students art great artists. Maybe, I should have gone to that school. Anyway, checkout his Youtube Channel for inspiration and his website for solid instruction.


The artist who teaches this instruction sounds a bit dry in my opinion but, he knows his stuff and I would like to get my hands on his entire library of teaching.


This list was compiled by me for a relative of mine who I hope will use these resources to the best of her ability. There is of course more. Just check back for some updates to this post. :)

HERE'S AN UPDATE TO THIS POST. Updated Monday, June 25, 2012, 6:35am.

These two updates should be what you need as far as animation information.

I've found the link I was thinking about last night but, couldn't remember the name of until now. ChongToons.com is the website and it has a plethora of information on character animation and beginning story development. This is the same stuff that I have. And, it's free. Enjoy. :)


Flooby Nooby is blog that I enjoy reading. Here's some 'Download Goodies' I know you'll like.




And, if you need life drawing on the fly here's a couple of sites for you. These are both artistic websites.


You now have access to all these resources I have access to. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Recent Viewing of Prometheus

I've recently had the pleasure of seeing Prometheus. Ridley Scott's latest film. I must say its a great film and an excellent addition into the ALIEN franchise. Don't worry, I will not give away any secrets about the movie but, it is worth watching the first movie before viewing this one. I wish Jean 'Moebius' Giraud had worked on this one as well but, unfortunately he passed away a few months back. The concept art in this movie is still impressive nonetheless. Chris Foss was not on board for this one as well. Although, you could still see H. R. Giger's influence in the movie. If you're familiar with the first ALIEN movie you'll no doubt remember the hyper sleep chambers among other things. If you want to see this film I recommend seeing in 3D. You will not be disappointed.