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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Studio 4°C: Global Astroliner & Kung Fu Love

Global Astroliner is about a futuristic policeman whose been assigned to go to earth which is now a prison planet filled with waring gangs. His orders are to find a girl named Lala who is a super pop idol. In reality, she is an artificial life form whose purpose is to keep stability in a chaotic world. During the briefing this lawman is told he's got to go down to earth to retrieve her. This is where the story begins. In my opinion, the graphical style of the characters are reminiscent of Jaime Hewlett's Tank Girl comics, and his more recent work on Gorillaz. The look of the layout and design is much like JGR - Jet Grind Radio and, JSRF - Jet Set Radio Future. (Side note: I'd really like to get the artbooks to both previously mentioned video games.) This anime is well worth finding. Unfortunetely, I didn't see it on the Studio 4°C website. If you'd like find out what they're up to here's the link to their site. http://www.studio4c.co.jp/english/ Studio 4°C was one of the Japanese studios responsible for animating the ANIMATRIX for the Wachowski Bros. I'm not sure which Japanese animation studio did the segment with the exploding ambassador robot but, at the time of animating that particular sequence on the very day that particular studio was animating that scene. There was talk of not having keeping it in the finished film but, the Wachowski Bros. said to keep it in there. I'm glad they did. I like action movies and action comics but, to see violence up close and personal is a much different story. No amount of movie violence can prepare anyone for the real thing.


Kung Fu Love is about a girl named Hanako Kichijoji who for a reason not mentioned in this video she is hated the entire world except for her boyfriend who agrees to alope with her. This is another film I would like buy sometime soon as the graphics and action are top notch. The singer singing the song in this video is from the pop group SPEED. I think it's Hiroko Shimabukuro. Hiro for short. My avatar is a picture of her. Anyway, there's not too much in the way of story that was shown to tell you about. You either like wacky storylines that eventually get to a more serious point or not. (Not wacky like Trigun.) Just give it a try you may like it.