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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I'm working on a personal project: AMELIE SUBWAY SCENE STORYBOARDS

Back in the 90s I was really into foreign films so Eric Rohmer, Pedro Almadovar, Akira Kurosawa were a few of the directors that interested me. At that time, I had no idea what cinematography was. All I knew was, I liked what I was looking at. During my employment at Blockbuster Video I saw a weird movie named Delicatessen (1991) directed by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The story as it's described on IMDB.com is:

The story is centered on a microcosm of a post-apocalyptic society where food is so rare it's invaluable and is used as currency. The story centers on an apartment building with a delicatessen on the ground floor. The owner of the eatery also owns the apartment building and he is in need of a new maintenance man since the original "mysteriously" disappeared. A former clown applies for the job and the butcher's intent is to have him work for a little while and then serve him to quirky tenants who pay the butcher in, of course, grain. The clown and butcher's daughter fall in love and she tries to foil her father's plans by contacting the "troglodytes", a grain eating sub-group of society who live entirely underground. The "trogs" are possibly the most sensible of the lot, as they see food as food and not money. Edit: After watching the trailer for this movie I've decided NOT to link to it. You'll have to look it up on YouTube for yourself.

Anywhosles, fast forward to Amelie (2001). The color pallet for this film is very stylized and gorgeous to behold. I decided to use a clip from the movie to reverse engineer the scene shot by shot using Adobe Flash 5.5 to create an Animatic of the entire one minute and forty seven second sequence. I got this idea from Liane Cho Han the supervising storyboard artist on Long Way North a French Flash animated feature film coming to America through distribution deal with Shout! Factory.

Here's the trailer:

English Subtitled Trailer:

Cartoon Brew  coverage about Long Way North.

Here's the personal project I'm working on. Within the fifteen to sixteen shots I'm working reverse engineering there's camera movement I've need to simulate. No worries. I just need to get it done by tomorrow night so I can start a new project.