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Monday, October 13, 2014

An Update of Sorts

I've been drawing more than usual recently. The life drawing sessions I attend are going great. Unfortunately, I can't be there tomorrow but, I plan to attend next week. The pregnant model will be posing for us. She's a great model so I look forward to drawing from her then. I would like to introduce some dramatic lighting during the session if I may. I read something about using hard back lighting and soft fill light to light the set of Bladerunner. It would be nice if Ron Doucet would post something about the compositions, lighting, and visual tempo of the movie Amelie but, with much more detail. It's another favorite film of mine.

Here are two really great and inspiring articles on Bladerunner. It's a very influential film.

 Today, I've begun making a list of directors I would like to create paintings or vector graphics of their likenesses to be finished sometime early next year. This idea has been in the back of my mind for a while now. As it is the list is about twenty-two directors long. I'll try to find some photos of Larry and Andy Wachowski before Larry became known as Lana. If possible, I'll post both paintings of Larry and Lana. There's a lot of photo researching I've got to do. The list is nowhere near being finished. There are some well known names and not so well known names in this list. I'll post it later after I've added more names to it.

I gotta go now. Ciao! : )