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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life Drawing Session: WAS PRETTY DARN COOL

For starters, the model was excellent. She posed very well and she’s friendly and approachable. I look forward to working with her again in August. Here are some drawings I did of her.

The first four drawings are quick one and half minute gestures. I absolutely love gesture drawing. It lets me get the real essence of the pose down very quickly and clearly. I imagine myself feeling what the model feels not only in weight distribution but, also emotionally.  Empathy is a key to understanding the underlying psychology of a pose. At some point, I may use charcoal and watercolor to create these wonderful images. For now, I’ll continue to use a fountain pen.

Last night, I woke up around 4 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. So, I lay in bed trying to sleep.  An hour or so later, I got up and started getting ready for the session. Maybe I should have counted sheep or something. A few drawings that I omitted from this post because they were not working out like I had hoped were drawn but, not posted. I had capped my pen to rest my eyes. Some twenty or so minutes later I woke up to find the model has changed her pose. And, one of the artists in the room told me after I had asked, "Yes, you were snoring." That all happened before the following sketch.

The previous sketch was not up to par so I started again on the same pose. Although I had wanted this sketch to have more detail; it came out better than I had expected. By this time I was just getting warmed up.

The grandmother of one of the artists told me about an exhibit nearby that I went to see today. And, it was great! I asked the receptionist why wasn’t this artist more widely known and his response was, “Most of his work is in private collections.” That’s a shame. I hope to buy some art books of his work from the museum gift shop before the exhibit ends in September.