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Saturday, December 28, 2013

I Gotta Get Back to the Grind

I gotta bet back the grind. I gotta stay in the cave. My talent needs to be developed. Much of my free time will be spent on honing my craft. Starting with the fundamentals and moving into more complex ideologies of images creation. My dream is to work as a film director. In particular, an animation film director. When Brad Bird won the Oscar for The Incredibles with tears in my eyes I said, "Me too, me too." And, it's possible. There are many great artists out there who can draw circles around me but, I'm gonna keep plugging away at it and never stop improving my artistic skills. I mean this not only for creative endeavors but, for other areas of my life as well. I've been a slacker for far, far too long and I never want to go back to what I used to be. In the past, I had a down and out attitude about life. Someone I consider a close friend helped me to overcome some really paralyzing obstacles that I will forever be grateful for. She really doesn't understand what she's done for me. I hope I can help her in some way in the future to overcome whatever she's facing that needs to be overcome by her. Now, I'm working on getting and staying motivated because, I know there's a lot of work I need to do. The fundamentals of art are just the beginning. If I believe it, I can achieve it. By this time next week I will have a much better understanding of human anatomy than I do now. This begins today. NO MORE MEDIOCRITY!!!