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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Seemingly Short Excursion to the Grocery Store

A seemingly short excursion to the grocery store turned out to be a day long stay which I wasn't altogether unprepared for. You see, I brought along some things to do in case I couldn't draw people as they shopped. I had my trusty brush pens to draw gestures of people and mecha pencils to draw cartoon facial expressions if too many people figured out what I was doing. No, they don't transform. They're the mechanical variety instead of the mere old school wooden ones. I need to get back into using the wooden pencils when I want a more rendered look in my art. Unfortunately, I didn't draw any gestures with the pen brushes. The sketch pad I used for this foray into sketching on the fly is not ideal for this kind of thing. The ink doesn't dry as fast as I would like so, I spent a lot of time out and about today. Here's a drawing I did.

And, here's some cartooning I drew as I waited for the ink to dry. Some of the grocery store's staff complimented me on my art. Which I am thankful for but, I've got to get my skills up to where they should be now. My art has been on hiatus for way too many years and I should be much better and faster than I am now. Practice makes perfect. So, I'll eventually get to the level of draftsmanship I want to achieve.

More to come soon. I've been thinking about drawing revamped versions of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Urusei Yatsura - 'Lum, Those Obnoxious Aliens' for those of you who are not in the know. I also want to draw some art of some of my favorite 80s and 90s cartoons.

Also, here's a hairstyle I drew for "she who will remain nameless on this blog" from a horror movie I rented a while ago and she refuses to wear it. The haircut in the movie looks cooler than cool but, I didn't do it justice in these drawings. For some reason, I can't remember the title of the movie. Oh well. Enjoy the artwork. It's all freehand done with Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. This latter part of the post was drawn several months ago.

(All artwork in this post is Copyright 2013 Eric R. Watson.)