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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sorry for the Lack of Recent Updates - I'm Working on a Graphic Novel

I'm writing again. Although, this time it's a sci-fi graphic novel story. I really wanted it to be a tragic love story but, that's not where I wanted it to go. There are several ideas I'd like to see completed but, this one is definitely something I'd want to see in print if possible. This project is something I've never quite undertaken so I'm not an expert at any of it. I've told only a few people about this story so, I've got to get it done. My deadline is Christmas season 2013. I'll try to have hard copies for family and a close friend of mine to read hopefully by then. My mom probably won't read it because she doesn't read comics. I hope she'll read this one. There will probably not be any color in this book so the price of printing won't be very high. And, I can omit the laborious process of painting each panel at least until sometime next year.

C.C. thank you for your interest in my personal project. I really want you and I to hit Starbucks up so you can read my graphic novel and give me some real honest feed back on it. I'm very interested in what you as female reader will like about my story. Of course, I've got to get the thing copyrighted before you read it. :)