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Monday, December 24, 2012


 Storyboarding 001

Recently, I've downloaded some assets to animate some characters from a cartoon show whose primary audience is aimed at little girls. The title of the show is "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." I'm not a "Bronie." The show is very well animated and the character designs are pretty cute. Although, this post and any post with this info in it might seem so. I've been looking for a way to create some professional Flash animation for sometime now. Recently, I found Fla files I had downloaded from Cold Hard Flash dot Com. There are some files from Animax and Renegade Animation. Both are animation studios in the LA aea. Also, I found a Pdf file I had legally downloaded from a book publisher's site. (I will not mention the site as its been deemed unsafe to view.) I have now in my possession the keys to creating professional Flash animation.

This week, I've been working on a Storyboard template for use in Flash based on a storyboard I downloaded from Scribd.com. The title of the storyboard is: "El Tigre #52 No Belt, No Boots, No Brero" I've been trying to find the entire episode on Youtube but, to no avail. There's more functionality I need to create for this storyboard before its completely done. Seriously, I don't think it will be completely done anytime soon. There's still some things I can do to speed up the storyboarding process by creating more graphic symbols commonly used in storyboarding.

At some point in the future I might post the storyboard file here on my blog. I don't know. Maybe. Also, have an Animatic file. Unfortunately, I haven't been playing around with it as much as I have the storyboard file.

However, I may post the links to where I found everything else. If so, I'll post them just below this paragraph. Right now, there's some Grilled Cheese sandwiches callin' my name. :)

Macross 84: Ai Oboete Imasu Ka?

Earlier this year, I wanted to commemorate my favorite anime: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross or, as it is affectionately better known to American fans: Macross 84: Do You Remember Love? I still desire is to create a calender with art I create based on this film. Unfortunately, this year is winding down. I still intend to do this and create art based on the 2012 Flashback music video of Lynn Minmei. (She's so beautiful 30.) Once finished, I may post it all here as low-rez files.